Glazed KeyLime Pie

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Glazed Disposable KeyLime Pie

Glazed disposable Keylime pie is definitely one of our most sort after flavors. Key Lime Pie is a famous southern dessert perfect to cool off during adventurous summer outings. This refreshing citrus disposable offers and reminisces the taste of summer and a vacation to the tropics! This vape is a perfect ambassador of the glazed brand. It embodies the dessert passion of the glazed founders. Our glazed carts of the highest quality you can find anywhere. This brand rivals any other carts brand out there in the market currently.

Glazed carts pack a punch with a THC and CBD composition listed below:

TOTAL THC: 86.5%
TOTAL CBD: 0.26%

Where To Buy Glazed Disposable HHC

There are a lot of dispensaries claiming to sell authentic glazed carts. Most of these are fake, we recommend you make your purchase only from us the official glazed disposables website . If you get our carts from any other third party dealers, you can always verify if they are authentic on our website.


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