Cactus Jack Fryd Extracts

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Cactus Jack Fryd Extracts

Cactus jack is not one of the original flavors from fryd extracts. It was released about after the initial launch of the fryd flavors. The cactus jack flavor was inspired by Halloween hence the name and pumpkin on the packaging. Cactus jack fryd flavor is created from the rare cactus jack strain. This flavor is no different from the cactus jack strain and leaves a sweet lemon taste in your mouth. The taste is as unique as it is delicious, and the effects are just as satisfying.

Effects of Cactus Jack

The effects of Fryd extracts cactus jack like many other fryd disposable flavors are both physical and mental. Users often report feeling relaxed and happy while still being able to focus and remain productive. The effect of this flavor similar to many other fryd carts include:

  • It is said to induce a state of happiness.
  • Increased levels of creativity and motivation to accomplish mental and artistic tasks.
  • Physically, you might feel lazy although not necessarily sleepy or sedated.

Benefits of Fryd Carts

Fryd extracts have many benefits, a few include:

  • It helps with chronic pain
  • It helps with anxiety and stress
  • Some fryd carts help with insomnia if used to a high level due to their sedative nature.

Where to buy Fryd Extracts

Cactus Jack Fryd Extracts is an excellent strain for those looking for a unique taste, balanced effects, and plenty of health benefits. This strain can be found in select markets in the form of live rosin pods from fryd carts and is also available from many online retailers and partners such as glazed disposables. If you’re looking for a delicious, sweet lemon tasting disposable then, this Fryd Extracts flavor is the perfect choice. We also have all other fryd disposable flavors in stock.


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